Friday, November 16, 2012

taking a break from sewing~

it's been a while since i last wrote in this blog,just feel like writing down what i've been thinking lately..
if u've read one of my post,u'll know that i like to think and reflect what is going on in this world, not that i know everything that had happened everywhere in the world..
it's just something worth sharing, i think, and to be reflected on..

"dont judge and dont criticize"
what good will it bring to any of us to judge and to criticize the people around us?
wouldn't it be better if all of us just carry on with our own lives and leave theirs to themselves?
i'm not asking u to not care at all,but leave the judging to God..
let's look at it this way,
kamu suka ka klu kamu/family kamu yg kena umpat2 or kena kasih buruk2?
nda kan?klu nda suka jgn buat bgtu dgn org lain..

"dlm n luar"
apa yg dlm?apa yg luar?
jgn la brabis bubut2 tu kcantikan,ksh seimbang lu dgn hati kita..
klu mo nmpk cantik, ksh bgs jg tu tabiat d luar..biar selari~

sy bkn mo trip malaikat sini,
yg sy taip2 ni pn sebagai peringatan kpd dri sndri jg..
ingat,kalau rasa2 mau cakap psl org lain,tanya dulu diri sendiri..
"sy ada buat bgtu ka ah?"
klu ada,tutup mulut trus~
klu tiada,tanya ni soalan dgn diri sndri..
"sy tuhan ka ah?"
klu bkn,tutup mulut trus~

this entry bkn mo tembak or bomb sepa2,
sepa yg pijak lumpur,kasut dia yg kutur kn hehehe

carry on with my sewing~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

-my comeback-

it's probably time for me to get back to the line and be visible again..
it's not that i have tons to share here anyway,but i ran out of place to write..well,actually i still have plenty of empty pages on my little private book,but my fingers feel like typing today :D

where have i been?
working part time,selling shoes,entertaining customers with my wide smile,
figuring what i should do with my life,planning where should/want to be in few years time..
then what did i get from all that?
back on the crossroads again..
decisions after decisions!
just when i thought life is going to be nice and easy for me,
it gave me another great obstacle to get through,great!

be optimistic you said? yeaah,i should probably be that and stop thinking..
but then i thought we live in the present for the future..then shouldn't we be thinking about the future at the same time?

what a comeback huh? lol
that's all for now i guess,too much will be hard to digest..

famous last words:: live ur present,come what may & just roll with it! (i dont know how did i come up with that~ )

Friday, July 29, 2011

-inner peace-

so long people
i'll see u soon

Saturday, May 28, 2011


u know me by my name,
my past u didnt care.
you're like an answered prayer,
with history of ten grown men.

i question the choice i've made,
every hour of the day.
if you're an answered prayer,
is this the test i'll have to face.

an angel will not be sent to the fallen one.
to dance under the heaven light it's just a dream.
happily ever after comes alive only in books.
hope given to kids, mask for the real world.

-me in a hole-

this will be one depressed post i'll have to warn you.
these few days (from the day i last see you) have been my doom days.
doesn't quite know why, but i feel useless and depressed the whole time.
everyone seem to have things to do, and i'm stuck at home.
yeaah,get a job you said..i was planning to get one after the Kaamatan celebration at Grace's house..kinda asked help from a friend,and he managed to get me to an interview on the 1st, the celebration will be on the 4th.i might not have the chance to go and have the fun which i've craved for a long time! trust me,staying home even with internet and Tv is not fun at all!

to make things worse,he's busy helping his family.
not blaming him,what he's doing is good.i'm glad he's not spoiled.
maybe i've got used to get his attention all the time before this and feel kinda lonely now.
i sound so lame and SPOILED.i suck big time.
gong to work after this will make things more difficult.
the distance..OH,COME ON,BOTH OF YOU ARE STILL IN THE SAME CITY FOR HEAVEN SAKE! i knooow right.huh! oh well,the bricks are still on my chest.

my tooth big time!
it's the one at the back,i'm not sure what do you call that,but it hurts!
i have to pull it out before i start working (if i get the job,fingers crossed *half hoping i wont get it**who knows for what reason*) i dont want to work in pain.
oh,this pushes me deeper into the hole i'm in right now.
thanks paracetamol even though u dont work that well.

i dont know who to talk to.
i dont even know what to talk about.
i'll be fine,i'm sure.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

-dedicated to you seniors-

u're leaving us more together more ketawa kuat2 smpai lupa dunia more share2 isi more men bubut smbil mengolo n cubit more more hari baju petak more "kak/bang,blanja".no more "hi ally/ali/pumpkin" from u.

sis emma!
ya,i know,dlm sabah jg kita,tp kebrangkalian itk kita jmpa?? naaaa
ko yakin jak,dgn smgat yg ada,hlng tu "aset" nnti,ehehehe
tp klu nda hlng pn ndapa ba tu,yg pntg hati kita gmbra.betuuuull~
ko active2 dlm fb jg pasni aah.
klu ko mo khwin sma bob da btau sy,ehehehe,mo pg tgk jg baa.
tepayah la australian guy,hahaha,itu utk sy!
oh ya,tQ mo ksh kenal sy sma kwn ko,hahaha,tp tdk jd =="

sis eva!
ahli kolam renang! dgn kak amoi :)
siok luah prasaan dgn kmu hri tu,wpn lama da,tp sy msh ingat tu pa yg kita crita2 dlm air,hahahaha.tym kita crita2 tu jg la kita cipta teknik renang baru- m'gustan! :D

kak kembars!
sy blm brapa lulus mo differentiate kamu,ehehehe.ada 1kali sy salam one of you,then tba2 k.kmbr yg satu lg muncul,trus sy bingung ni mana yg sy sdh salam.hahaha.trus sy tnya bell lg mana yg sdh sy nmpk kmu kak,mmg stail kembar la.ehehehe.semuaaaa sma ni,best!

bro hasrol!
ih,sedih sy baca note bro d FB.trus btl2 trasa yg kamu semua mo grad da ni.
smlm time bbq tu pn mo ngs sy "bye2" kamu.senior yg lain dpt jmpa lg sabtu ni,time program,tp ko teda bro! :'( mcm abg betul2 da ko bro,sbb sy mmg teda abg,hehehe,jd kira trip ada abg la klu dgn bro, more kena ketuk kpala oleh ko bro,huhuhu (psl mngolo prg d bustop hr tu,ingat?hahahaha)

ramai lg senior yg dear to my heart,tp ini jak yg plng mlekat d hati tym sy menaip ni.
sorry if ada pa2 yg sy buat bkin sakit hati n tdk senonoh dpan kmu,huhu.

all d best in ur coming teaching life!all of you will do great,i know that!

jap2,sy mo bpantun,hahahaha
klau ada sumur,sy mo tmpg mandi,
klu ada umur yg pnjg,jom la jmpa lg! :D

love each n everyone of you! <3

Friday, May 6, 2011

-queen of my heart-

it's almost here,d day when every queen should feel extra special.
we have different ways to show them our love.
it doesn't matter what u're buying or what you planned to do.
as long as you're sincere and there with her,i'm sure she'll have that big smile across her face all day long.if it isn't there,i'm sure it's in her heart.

she's the super mom!
her super power:: deal with us 2 girls and run the family!
she's the father when we need to get disciplined.
she's the mother when we need shoulders to cry on.
she's there to get us back in line.
she's there to tell us "you are fine".

i'm sorry
i couldn't be your angel,i'm far from light.
i make you worry when i'm far from home.
i made you cry with what i did.

all d golds n diamonds will not be enough to thank you.
my endless prayer accompany you.
try as i might to take you out of the blue,
i love you very much,i swear that's true.

happy mother's day mummy. we love you :')