Thursday, October 29, 2009

world history...

yesterday was,fun,fun!!!
we went all out bowling-ing and k-boxing at 1b...
i lost my voice fr 1 hour,caused by too much screaming and laughing!!
thanx to my sifu-Bell,i managed to escape the "longkang" at the end of the game...
hehehe..kelle got her own style of throwing the ball..
tym k-boxing,mmg kami yg menang la..haha
roomate grace pn all out ni..
sepa pdli merdu ka brng mcm AF,kekeke...

here comes the major news: kak una (bkn nama sbnr), slipped at surau's stairs..
wekekeke,mcm skateboarding ni dia m'gelongsor..lawa pose dia,hahaha!!!
if only i could sketch it out here for u to see how she fell..keekeke...
da la dia jatuh bgtu,dia plak yg brabis ktawa..
bingung sy mau support dia ktawa ka tlng dia bdiri..hmmm...

i bought d gift..hmmm
atas dasar teman??? hahaha..

hmmm,after all that fun,need to get back to my study mode laa..
cant be too happy...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Study mode is on

i'm now in my study mode..
will continue to update my blog entry once i'm tired of studying,kekeke...
it wont be long...miahahaha..
k-box can wait...hehe..

Database: processing & saving
c ya...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mucus flowing out...

huurhhh,i'm sick...
my flu is getting worse..d medicine is not working..

my mum read my blog,at last,hahaha!!
cant on9 too much now,my broadband kena rampas nnt oh,kekeke...

k box wt this flu??
yup!!! i'll sing my heart out like nobody's business...

Monday, October 26, 2009

tik tik tik...waktu berdetik...

cpt btl tu masa sy blm stat blajar apa2 pn..
haisshhh..x tau pa mau fokus ni...
mau ja sy ambik bantal n melantarkn dr ku ini..
da la connection blik2 putus,hp lg buat hal..

td nuyuy and kwn dia,liza jejak kasih dlm bilik,hehehe
mesra ooh,bpukul2 ni psl mau kurik rahsia msng2,duhai...
hidungku tsumbat..napa teda effect ubat tu..hmmm...

post sy boring..lalalala

nite nite...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

why is it like dis...??

why is it so hard to deal with life..
why cant we manage it just like how we customize our blog or anything equivalent..

talked to my long lost cousin just now,
it was nice..miss the old times..
but things are not the same anymore..
i want to see my granma so badly..
huhuu,miss her...

why did i catch all these sickness before the final exam...
how am i supposed to concentrate with the flu keep flowing out of my nose and throat aching like a troop of ants are biting it..
maybe i'm exaggerating it a bit,hahahaha...

i'll hv to start from the bits of everything..
hopefully the result wont be as bad as last sem's..
cilakak pny result..pdhal dr dr sndiri..takkan sy yg cilakak...
musykil...ngek ngek ngek...

mau p hfl japanese script la lu ni..
tlampau addicted ngan FB pny psl la ni..
cicak btl...

nite2 bloggy..
database: sleep mode.

utk anda semua..hehehe

ada org bkin pns d fb..tatu ja smat,tp ckp nda btapis,cilaka...

gibang,kim slm ngan dorg suma...
kamu2 yg p BBQ SPPS,sy jelesh ngan kamu semua..
bg yg bkapasiti tinggi,sila tlng sy mkn,k..hehehe
jgn kmu ksh cemar swimming pool bdk tu,k..hehehe
manatau kmu bikin cuci piring d sana,hahaha

kakak2 yg sporting,
buat lu tarian baru kita sblm mkn..
abg2, tlng bakar mknan..hehe

hmm...miss u all already..

ngek ngek merengek??

not feeling well,huhu..
sore throat + body aching + inner problem= not happy me..

i havent even started memorizing the script for monday's presentation,aishhh..
tbelit lidah mhafal tu, nenek sy mesti ingat sy hfl mentera apa tu..hahaha
mau blajar ba ni,tp teda mood...alasan semata2..sendiri rugi...

ada jual clorox utk hati ka?
sy mau beli..mau ksh bersih elemen2 yg singgah..
database sy hmpir penuh..on 2nd thought, i think i'll keep u in my database...
i'll let u stay there for my memories..
it hurts nicely..TQ

bsk mau p jmpa doc..
jgn apa2 kn sy,hahaha...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


no more tears darling,
there'll always shoulders for u to lean on..
the world will not be easy,
that's where all of us learn..
dry your tears my dear,
you'll see a brighter day..

wat happened..

Kg E's cleaner penapau!!
my hair cream kena tapau laaa..bingung btl dorg tuu,tolol,kekeke...
tpaksa sy beli yg baru,huhu...

SPPS Family day-Besh!!
rugi jg la yg nda blh buat la kn lau psl assgnment..
nex tym lg kita p k...
ada tarian "kemenangan" yg baru tcipta,hahaha..
sy msh bdk bek...ngek ngek ngek...
gmbr2 lawa,kui kui kui..msk lif tekan sendiri..

i kinda gave the last word,but not sure how it'll turn out in the future...
we cant have everything right..

goin to take my bath soon,
i have flour all over me..
i can be deep fried n jadi kuih karipap!!
masin pn ckp masin da nii..

To you,
you'll always be in my database.

Friday, October 16, 2009

down the memory lane..

your lips i kissed the other day,
but today i let you walk away..
miles parting us two,
memories and promises will make me remember you..
don't worry my dear,
you'll be just fine without me here..

it's never too late..

i know i started quite late,but it doesn't matter right..?right..

I'll use this blog page to post my poetry ( whatever u want to call it..) n so on..

happy to receive any comment on anything...

Dr. Lee encouraged us to blog..

well,here i am..

not for any assignment,it's for the sake of fun and expressing what is inside..

it's not that i don't have friends to talk to,but sometimes this is better..

cause you don't get to see their faces (whether their listening, judging, n ...)...

-can't get everybody to love you,just make yourself someone who can be loved-