Thursday, September 30, 2010

arkib muka kamu

setelah sekian lama sy x snap2 gmbr d skul...all the below are the products,haha..klu ada tmiring muka,jgn marah k..natural look baa...ada jg yg brabis cover their face,mo elak mo kena ambik gmbr,hehehe,ndapa2,i know kamu down to earth..
if u take poster artis d majalah2 tu kn,try n kasih kemek parts of the poster,mereng jg muka dorg tu,hahahaha...manada manusia yg perfect....
tanpa merepek dgn lebih akan show muka2 yg cute2 n ada jg yg bkin panas...ada muka
yg mmg cute brabis x akan diupload utk mjga keselamatan mereka,ekekeke....

(while waiting fr the pics to be uploaded:::lambat ooooh)

sebagai introduction yg sempurna...muka saya!!!

okay,here goes...
-trip plancong & bingung-
(syipak & gracie)

(din & nimal & lokman)

-bcrita jak dlm lecture ni..2 jam lecture,2 jam jg dorg bcrita-
(ho & angel)

-nah,ni la yg cover muka tu,hihihi,sib bek smart pose dorg-
(sharon & shusan)

-fanatik harry potter..muka dia mcm raksasa dlm HP da,hahaha-

-paras b'cakap mengikut urutan dlm gmbr:::moderate,plng bnyk,kurang -
(carol & onea & leslie)

-ktawa bnyk2 suma nmpk gigi..jap,c botak teda-
(nimal & liang & gracie & syipak)
(syipak & din)

(ros & fel & V & bal)

-kumpulan biru:: 3 tudung bell minat biru jg tuu-
(t'rah & fatin & tiqah & bell)

adaaaa lagi!!!

-tggu bus p 1b ni kan??-

-kena paksa cuci talam2 d cafe..trip model,haha-

-muka dia mmg slalu mrh2,tp dia ktawa tuu-

-b'FB & b'SMS during lecture-
(t'rah & bell)

-kembar botak n buncit perut-
(nimal & din)

-dua2 suka pegang mikrofon-
(gracie & syipak)
-mama kami-
-yeaah,dpt snap org ktawa ikhlas-
-naah,smart ba candid ko beb,mcm model jak ni-
(bro hasrol)

eeeiik,there are more to come,haha..tu baru episod pertama...ingat drama jak b'episod-episod??
(smbil p potong ayam lu,hahaha)

TESL 2008/09-Formal

(ni style org x puas hati kena srh jd photographer..ambik gmbr sndri,hehe)
(kamu hrp ka dorg ajar anak2 kamu nnt??hahaha)

(future english teachers,hahahaha)

aaahhh,tu jak la buat masa ini...penat da mo upload..
bhambur muka kamu d lappy sy,hahaha...

mesti lps ni kmu akn bhati2 klu sy ada n pegang2 hp kan,hahaha!!
semoga bjumpa lg d masa yg akan dtg...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

human cum leech

ooh yeaah,i'm not done complaining bout leeches..
come on sucker, stop whatever you're doing...
after all, u still have the guts to face the world with ur head held high,
what's weirder,
u act so innocent!! huh,u sure have a very thick skin...
ooh,i hope karma gets u soon..

now,focusing on one particular leech i know..
i've heard so much bad things bout u,
ooh,yeaah,sad but true...
how blinded i was..i kept thinking that u're not as bad as what they said..
guess what??! i was wrong, big mistake...
ur heart doesnt beat, i guess...

cant focus, cant focus...
i'm boiling with rage,lol...

p/s: leeches will fall to ground when they sucked enough..
fall soon sucker...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

they keep talking about love

sudah2 la kamu post ayat2 nasihat / motivasi cinta2 ...
balik2 jua..
i don care kunun,klu ko btl2 dont care nda ko post2 bgtu baaa...
ba,itu jak sy mo post...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


just saw pictures from Kg. Telaga, Pitas just now..
darn,how i miss that place...
u want to see "perpaduan"?? go there!!
even though its far from town, it has everything there..
well, not everything..
but who needs TV when u hv friendly matches for futsal & other games all the time...
who needs shopping mall when u can have all the smiles for free..
now,i know i'm comparing 2 entirely different things..hahahaha
my point is u dont have to be fully modernized to be happy!!!

that makes me think of another issue,i call it an issue cause it makes me think a lot..
would u rather be modern,exposed-to the outside world & high-possibility-to-sin??
or stay in a rural area,live simple life,might not know everything & low-possibility-to-sin??
u get what i'm saying??hmm...
a teacher once said this:::
"tp sampai bila mau duduk d bawah tempurung?"

Does God judges us by our knowledge?
if no, apa salah ddk bawah tempurung?? tdk tau pa tu astro, teda laptop/handphone, limited eleectricity, FB??? aint passport for us to be in His kingdom...
kalau duduk dalam kg,there'll be less possibility for us to sin...

it's just my opinion...
i'm not saying that org duduk bandar suma bdosa,hahaha...
i'm only talking bout the possibility,k...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new bowl with new dish??

karma..what goes around come backs around...but not many believe that it actually happens..
well,guess what??it does!! hmm...
so be extra careful with how u treat people around u..
how u treat people in the past will eventually come back to you..
maybe u'll be treated worse than what happened..

i'm not here to testify that this is the world-recognized fact..
i'm just simply speaking,well,typing,what i've seen or experienced...
& i'm not here to say "i told you so"...
well,i never have the courage to tell this to your face anyway..

it's happening but i'm not sure whether u realize it or not...
i wanted what's best for you,it hurts to see tears on ur face...
let's cross fingers that things will turn out good..

people,whoever is reading this..i hope YOU will...
don't mess with others' heart...
what in the world will u get from experimenting with others' feeling???
darn,hope karma gets u back..
now,hush allyshea...chill...
its not as easy as gluing back pieces of heart,hmm..
okay,i'm stoping here or i'll take it over the notch...

pee ass: hope you bang your head hard enough to wake u from that little fantasy of yours...