Tuesday, December 28, 2010

-little that u know-

the look in ur eyes hurt and tear us from the inside...
little by little..
day by day..

the inner strength u build from your heart,
it'll help u forget the past..

little that u know,
i cry watching u slipping away...
i struggle to climb over the wall u create, so hard...
little that you know,
i sometimes feel like giving up..
but never do, because i love you...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

-analyzing the inside-

oooh,here comes my xmas wish list!! oh yes, i have one too!

1. i wish i'll understand myself better
2. i wish everything heals faster n throughly...i dont mind the scars, just let it heal..whatever there's to be healed, hahahaha
3. ever seen the perfect family portrait...don't you just wish you could get it out and place it in your own home...
4. the silent moment...sit..talk a bit..sit some more...look into the sky,night sky preferably...go back,sleep....

i'll stop at 4...Santa will read the rest straight from my heart..Santa has the ability to read mind?? he's better than any magician out there...

extra cheese:: there's something about cat that makes you want to cuddle them & at the same time you'll feel like throwing them right at the wall in front of you..weird huh??

Saturday, December 11, 2010

-my eyes are opened,my heart feels-

just came back from another SUEC - Scaling Up Education in Community's program which was held in 3 different places (Salarom,Babalitan & Logongon). another great journey & experiences!! nothing i wrote/typed here would ever best describe what i, or should i say, we went through..

those boat rides were out of the world..u might say that i'm exaggerating, well, that's the best way to describe it for us who seldom ride in a boat..

the outside world...naaah,i should have said the goverment should take a look at the needs for them to take some of the development to these places, especially for education! those kids need plenty of helps in terms of facility & exposure..stop wasting money on government's cars and private jets... hmm,am i attracting ISA?? i really hope some of the so called ruler read this...

i wish i could contribute more to the community there,that one visit would not be enough.. but going there isn't easy too..we had to take 3 types of vehicles the other day-bus,4WD & boat.. can u imagine the cost? i'll leave u to do the math...

pictures? check out my FB account..there are some in it,not much though..cause i didnt bring my own cam & i kinda rely on my lect's and friends'..

i might not be able to change the world, but with these little efforts i'm taking with me, i hope i can change their future..