Monday, January 31, 2011

-gong hei fatt choi-

woooottt~ woooottt~
laya cina mo sampai loor!
hahaha,dlm masa beberapa hari lg msyarakat cina akan menyambunt tahun baru wooh..
ikut calendar cina,mmg bgtu,tahun baru cina batu jak mo smpai,pdhal hari tu sdh smbut new year yg 31hb pnya...tepa2,biar lambat yg pntg slamat kn,hohoho...

sib bek sy blm khwin,msh blh pungut ang pau!
& sib bek ramai da kazen2 yg sdh khwin,makin la bnyk ang pau blh dpat..
hrp2 ni tahun makin bnyk isinya,hahaha..
kalau ada rezeki blh bikin beli macbeth~

ni tahun mcm best sikit CNY..
sbb kami ( me & lil sis) kurang kena srh buat kerja rmh,hahaha!!!
bkn malas ba,tp ko imagine la ksh bersih rumah yg amat besar (rmh nenek,kami tggl wt her)..
dr atas hingga bawah,kiri ke kanan..
tingkap n lantai..
naaaahhh,piring2 lg utk open house nnt,matai =="
blh reput ba tulang lutut,sdh la kmi nda ska minum susu pnya org...

b'debat lg dgn nenek psl susunan perabot d ruang tamu..
nda mampu ba beli baru,jd ksh buyuk2 mata org yg dtg nnt..
ubah ja lokasi asal sofa2,hahaha...
sdh ak susun2 trus nenek ngoh ngeh lg,dgn bangganya sy jd jht siiiiiiikit,lalu m'perthnkan pdirian sy,hahahha...nenek akur,mgkin dia mlihat ada kebenaran di situ...

kuat angin di sini,sib bek tu angin nda yg putar2 pnya,yg ke kiri ke kanan pnya jak..
jd tu angin tiup2 la,trus tu bunga palsu dlm rumah pn menari2 spt kegembiraan..
menari pnya menari trus tumbang..pasu bunga yg baru beli pn ikut tumbang m'hempap bumi..
sy hanya mampu b'kata kesat ketika itu..."ooh shaite"...begitu~
naaahh,trus nenek ngoh ngeh lg,hahaha
maka sy pn ckp "biarlah,pa blh buat,teda jodoh kita dgn tu pasu.."
lalu,nenek ambik blik tu pasu yg lama n kami isi batu bnyk2 ksh jd pemberat..
pasu bunga itu bdiri teguh d ruang tamu skg,hahahaha

stakat ini saja psiapan yg kami buat hr ni,
makanan2 tu nnti..$$ pn nanti..
selamat tahun baru cina semua!!
ganti jak nnti...

-i am so going to kill myself-

with food!! or coffee!!
stupid me,foolish me, moron me..

now the whole world now something that i'm uncertain about..
paper bag over my head for the rest of this semester??
oooohhh,breathing difficulty...

aaaahh,banging my head on whatever hard here..
flushing my head in the toilet..
wake up butt face!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

-d mouth and heart say two different things-

"...i'm not alone,yet i feel so lonely..."

" heart wants something that my head opposes to..."


Friday, January 28, 2011

-another stumbler??-

good morning america! hahaha
i kinda supposed to blog this last night, but i was too busy completing my assignment which due today & i have this coma-dizziness-sleepy feeling..
yeaah,so here goes...

isabella,better known as Bell..
created history by sliding down a small little steep landing in front of the school cafe..
& she was wearing a short skirt!
well,not that short la,but if u t'kangkang can see jg,ehehe..
but luck is on her side, her hero was there,right beside her to pull her up the instant she fell..
i mean it,the very moment her cute bum landed on the floor,
a pair of heroic hands were there to pull her up to safety!
thanks to abg Iddruz! yiiihaaaa!

she's not the other stumler after all,
she's just a slider!
yeeahh,that's your new name darl!
"The Slider"

have a nice day people,remember:
what goes around comes around.
-dont hurt others if u dont want to be hurt-
-dont juggle with hearts,they're not toys for you to play around with-

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

-when d money comes rolling in-

....we had our girls day out this morning,
grabbed the chance to get myself outfits for this coming CNY,again..
outfits that i'm happy with...
tried on a pants with the right colour & brand,
but the pants got stuck right below my hips =="
wth...bought another pants with another colour & brand..

(adoooi,edited the pics few times ody,still small)

me,bell,tirah & grace had a great time!well,me & bell to be exact (laughing)..
tirah & grace kinda created history just now..

well,they certainly got themselves a new name!
Tirah is now known as the innocent looking molester!
she kinda unconsciously swiped her hand over a woman's upper back,
we would like to think positive and assume that she had mistaken the woman with grace..
its a good thing the woman didnt mengamuk jadi naga in the kedai,
she takut her feng shui lari ba tu,CNY is coming kan...
tirah apologize & we laughed all the way till,see below::

here comes the next history maker,grace!!
okay,i dont know wat exactly happened just now,
everything happened so fast, in a speed of light,
& her foot is on the so called shoe rack!
they rearrange the kids' shoes (also in a speed of light)..
we laugh again..
i think i lost a few centimeter of fats after laughing,
that is possible right,lol...
ooh,yeaah..grace's new nick name is The Stumbler!
& The missing Person..she kinda got missing just now,for a few minutes only though..
we were thinking of going to the information counter to report on her,but she popped out right before we get the chance to go and find the counter...

spent quite a lot today,
but its okay, i need those stuff (do you?huhu)
sore throat,fever's coming in..laughed too much eeh..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

-i look funny in a dress-

went for a little CNY shopping with my mum,Gary & my lil sis this morning...
i'm kinda surprised actually when my mum offered us to get new clothes for CNY..
since i didnt see it coming,i've no idea what to buy..
i'm a jeans & tshirt there's a big probability that i'll buy just THAT..
but when i saw those nice little girly dresses,floral printed clothes,sleeveless cute tops..
i want to have that!!
took it,when into the fitting room - hippo in d mirror!!
darn,i sure look funny in a dress...

i think i seriously need to lose some weight..
not to impress anybody though...
i just want to be happy with what i see in the mirror,even when i'm just trying out for a pair of jeans..
need to get rid of the flabbiness/muffin top=big tummy!

to do:::
1. no rice!! well,maybe a little,half a bowl per day perhaps..
2. jog?? in need of a running shoes though,cant sacrifice my ill looked nike sneakers :'(
3. shop for other stuff so that i wont have enough money to buy food,hahaha..<---stupid!
4. keep doing No.1 & 2 for at least 3 months!
5. frequent mall visit-the walk around and around in d mall is a very healthy exercise! ><

fingers crossed! wish me luck!
i'll pull it off in a girly little top!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

-your so called ISO qualification-

ums seriously need to make a lot of changes,like hell serious!
everything is out of order and control..budu~
the quality is not even up to the standard of the ISO thingy..
ums' admins,go and check ur students' FB,
you are so popular right now,everyone is talking about you..
complaining to be exact!

we paid so much yet we get rubbish services from the staff..
you keep changing the registration system every semester,and it got even worse!
you take so long to bank in students' scholarship money which students from other uni. received before the new semester starts..this happen EVERY SEM.!! WHAT ARE THE STAFF DOING IN THE OFFICE?? gossiping??bury your head in a cosway/avon catalog??
are u trying to starve us?!
we are not all rich, for your information!

i got tired of complaining about the same issue every semester..
arent u tired of receiving the same BS too? change lah,aiyo!
are u waiting for a newspaper report about your so called ISO quality??
wooahoo,you might see that if things are not shifting to be better!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

-proses bikin botak kepala-

aiyooooo,d new sem has just started, about 2 weeks, but the assignments are as high as my pillows ody..darn!
no more extra time for berfoya-foya,huh..(i doubt it though,lol)
maybe it'll help me to save up some of my money,hopefully...

Kemahiran berbahasa melayu's imbuhan "memper...kan"....11pages!
i'll be so good at crapping by the end of this course...
(yawning..mouth opened widely)
thinking of money at the same time,again...
(ok,now i'm temporarily stuck)

Monday, January 10, 2011

-merantau ketika malam-

psl abg sewa kerata lmbt bg kereta,suma plan tunggang tebalik..
pjalanan yg sebenarnya mo p menyumbangkan suara kepada keamanan dunia,btukar menjadi persinggahan menebalkan lapisan d perut..
dr ums ke penampang,p mkn di 818..puuuunnyyaa jauh!
alang2 menyeluk pekasam..apa ba tu pekasam??
nway,trus kami singgah d mega looooooong..mmg long la kn,escalator pn ssh mo sampai..
tandas mega long jak mampu membuatkan kami rindu tandas VIP d 1B,seriously..
ada jg la sikit2 brng kami beli,langkah penjimatan utk hari2 kelak..
(panjang da "to buy list" sy,tunggu duit jak ni,huh)
jln pnya jln,kami pn bertindak msuk ke kereta n bertolak pulang..
kaki kami lenguh,mata kami terkapai kapai...

semangat merantau ketika malam

Saturday, January 8, 2011

-sy mengamuk sendirian-

post sy ni kali penuh dn marah n bara2 api yg bkin mletup gng brapi,palis..

sy benci dgn org2 atasan yg pndai2 buat kesimpulan/keputusan tanpa pdapat/sokongan drpd org2 yg akan menerima kesan drpd keputusan yg dorg xpeduli la ko org atasan d atas bukit ka,atas zink ka,atau atas hasil kebutaan org ramai...

tiada mslh kunun..ko imagine lu ko dlm kasut kami ba,budu..(direct translate dr BI,senang)
bikin banci..rasional aah,mbgs kmi p bljr d indon,england,or india...sot..

tiap2 thn tukar sstm,klu makin bgs ndapa...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

-do u believe in ghost & yg sewaktu dgnnnya?-

i know people who are gifted with what we call "the sixth sense". from my POV, when u hv the 6th sense, u either can see the dead living entity or u'll be able to sense the future, not predict, just getting a hint of what's coming ur way..

well, i'm amazed n kinda envy them..
& i kinda "wish" to have that ability..
yeaah,i know it's a weird wish..dont you want to know what is happening on the other side,why are they still here,lingering around, not breathing..wouldnt it be cool to be able to know n maybe avoid what's waiting for us 5 minutes ahead from us...

well,every gift or whatever u want to call it gotta come with the responsibilities, right?
yeah,you might not like what u see or hear...

been hearing things lately, i'm not sure whether it's just a dream or merely my wild imagination..
a girl/lady/woman called my name, "Ally!!"...oh,yeah,with the exclamation mark..she sounded like she's in a rush...
guy/boy/man laughed, a wicked laugh i must say..a witch laugh,only in a man's voice...

now,every bang or screech startle me now..
be careful what u wish for? hahaha...
i'm fine with it though...weird me..

Monday, January 3, 2011

-no tittle post-

it's answered...
ally,just read d sentence,it's there..
u dont have to be so complicated all the time...

sleep tight n dream well people..
it'll get better,it will...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

-curiosity kills the cat, a very sexy one-

a friend of mine posted this song to my fb's wall..
out of curiosity,i'm afraid it will kill me as how it kills the cat, i,i need to understand the underlying meaning in this song..
it's nothing big,but i just need to that i can sleep well in the nights to come...
i hope he wouldn't read this,i'll be dead embarrassed (i'll bury my head in the sand if he find out bout this)
come me...i'm bad in reading between the lines..

Royal Bliss- Save me

You don't know me,
No you don't know a thing about my love
Or life in between I'm screaming through your door
Leave me tonight

How could you mean that she said
Oh I turn my back, my eyes full red
I don't believe that she said
You're out of your mind

I don't know why
All I need is someone to save me
I believe
I don't know why
All I need is someone to save me
I believe
And I don't know why

You turn on me
And left me alone with my fate
Oh I know I'd leave myself inside
I can't stop that fight

How could you mean that she said
Oh I turn my back, my eyes full red
I don't believe that she said
You're out of your mind, YEAH!

I don't know why
All I need is someone to save me
I believe
I don't know why
All I need is someone to save me
I believe, aaahhh!

What about those times
You left me alone in the bed
Well I didn't mean it
All of those nights
You swore that you'd call when you didn't
Well I didn't mean it
All of those times
You tore me down and said
Well I didn't mean it
Well what about the times
You told you wish you were dead
I did mean it

All I need is someone to save me
I believe
I don't know why
All I need is someone to save me
I believe
And I don't know why, WHY!
I don't know why

Saturday, January 1, 2011

-false alarm??-

i'm seriously just being nice,
i really hope i'm not transmitting any false hope...

when i tell you the door is closed,
it's really locked and keys may not be found...

i'm not keeping much hope for it to re-open,
not around this time anyway...
soon maybe,soon...

-yipeeee,it's 2011!!-

hellooooo new year!
goodbye 2010? i dont think so. i dont think u can just leave the past just like that, its obviously not that easy. i can bet on my life, wait, my laptop...ermm,i changed my mind,not betting on anything,lol...

every piece of the past will stick on ur future no matter how hard u've tried to shake it off or shoulders. it's not that bad of things,u see..take it positively,like what i did,most of the time..

1998 was there to remind u how sincere ur laughs used to be,
2006 ring the bells of how u find the friendship u can count on,
2010 may proved to you that what u've believe in all these while, the friendship & d shoulders u've been leaning on...may not be that strong after all...
my suggestion,learn from it...

yeah,some of it may feel like the end of the world..
most of the time u'll feel like u just cant take it anymore & wish God will be nice to u n take ur life away while u're asleep...
faking smiles for d world too see & in the night, u sleep with d sound of tears as ur lullaby..
sound familiar huh?

all u have to do is have the will to get back up..
the strength to tell d world, "i'll be fine,just give me enough time"..
well,u wouldnt want to take too long though,people will get tired of waiting..
go to hell with the people who gave up or thinking of giving up on listening and helping us,us..been there done that..
trust me,it's hard..but i dont want to get stuck there forever..

everything still haunt me,
even to the very moment i'm typing this very word...

welcome 2011
welcome new experiences..
heaven or hell,
i'm yours...