Wednesday, February 23, 2011


it's not even half of the semester (or it is?), yet i can make an overall conclusion for it already: EFFING SICK!

i've been sick almost all the time, emotionally and physically..
let us not talk that much about my emotion, wouldn't want you to know me inside out..
my health is deteriorating, it that's the right word to describe,
the sickness comes in one whole package:
yeaah,allergy..i don't even know what i'm allergic too,
and now it's attacking me like crazy, mad crazy!
my whole body is in itchy, red and swollen..
to make things worse, my face is not excluded!
so, i look like a WALKING GIANT LOBSTER!
just missing the KAPIT2~

2 injections (back in december + last night) + packets of allergy medicines laying on my "coffee table-desk"..does that makes me feel better?
a little..i'm still "reddish" now...

my "condition" now makes me realize something though..
all this while, i thought that i'm ready to go (die if you like)...
yeaah, i thought i'll die from whatever i'm having right now,who knows..
but i dont think i'm quite ready yet,
i haven't say thanks to my mum..
i haven't say i love you to my mum and sister..
i haven't apologize to my grand mom..
tons of unfinished business..
yesterday i cried,i dont want to leave just yet..

whatever it is,i really wish that i'll get better...
will ask my mom to take me for a blood test,must find out what's the cause for all these..
i'm getting tired of pills and cream..

wish it has nothing to do with any witchcraft,
i wouldn't know how to get rid of that..
aaah,i just hope i get better soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


aah,wish i can draw u too..
but u're just away too much..
dont know what to draw of you..


Thursday, February 10, 2011

-scribbled feeling-

u came and lifted me to the sky
was my heart supposed to not feel
dishonest to the heart,i lied
convince myself it's a one day thrill

it's okay,i'll be alright
nature's rules i'll abide
how broken can a broken heart be
truth hurts & so are you to me

not u..not me..
it's fiction

-spinning brain-

cant figure myself out.wish life came with user's manual.
ya.macam yang datang bersama aisbok dan ketuhar baru tu.confused.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

-aaahh,berfikir panjang-

habis sudah cuti! aaahh,tidaaakk!!!
jeritan king kong pn x akan dpt ubah takdir bhawa besok mo p kuliah daa..(hrp2 cancel)
memandangkan sok stat bljar da,maka sy telah mhabiskan sisa2 cuti dgn bfoya2..
beli baju lagi~
ksh hbs sisa2 cuti,duit pn ikut hbs..
tesl nite mo pakai apa pn blm beli lg =="
b'bikini jak ak nnt ni,biar kmu tekejut suma nmpk muka surat yg tdampar d perut ku,hahaha...

pgelutan perasaan pn mganggu tdr2 ku..
hahaha,mcm mo tampar diri sndri jak kerana mengeluarkan ayat itoo!
dont start something with bad ending expected to come along later...
ngam ka tu aah susunan ayat ak..biarla,yg pntg ak fhm..

macbeth perlu dicancelkan..
nnti ak teda duit mkn,tak kan mo mkn kasut kn...hmm
ckp la ksut adidas 50rgt ak tuu,smart kg d kaki ak yg saiz xseberapa ini...

bnyk yg ak fikir2 tadi,tp ini jak mampu ak luahkan di blog..
sebenarnya ak lupa da pa ak mo taip..mmg,memory ak ada problem...
mo minum bnyk cola lg pasni bru ok mgkin..(ada sisa wine hr tu lg,itu lbh sesuai)

till d next post,
so loooong sucker!!