Wednesday, August 11, 2010

she'll be fine,she's strong inside...
don't have to worry bout her...
she's old and wise enough to take care of everything...
she laughs all the time,
she's hyper about this life...

there's tissues everywhere,
tears stains on the pillow..
weeps during the night...
diary who listens to all,
lines of scribbled feeling..

d great act of all time,
d perfect mask worn..
strong on d outside,
dead spirit lives...

she'll be fine,
she's a fighter...
for how long?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

connecting or still living

my cuzzy said visiting the past helps to remind us where we got lost..
but,i'm totally still livin in it..
it lingers around me like the air i breath..
d loyalty it has to me is incredible..
i shouted d curse,it wouldn't budge..
only away when there's crowd..

fingers to dry d tears,
shoulders to bear d confused head..
its all in d other realm...
cherish d present they said,
where will it lead,nowhere...

d theater of contentment,
sold out tickets..
happy audiences rejoicing reflected images..
applause to the star of act...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

i call it the wheel of life

rainbow don't always hang high,
rain don't always pour at the right amount..
things happen for reasons,
whatever it is,i do believe its for d best..
God doesn't put weight on your shoulder more than what u can bear..

why put the stake right into ur own heart,
when the 3 of us breath the same rhyme...
for others 3 might sound odd,
but it fits perfectly in each of our heart..

do you remember d hypes and lows,
it's there to help us learn..
what didn't kill u should make u stronger..

moving on is not easy but it's not impossible...
and it's a step worth taking..
tomorrow may not be sunshine,
keep faith that heaven's blessing awaits...

i'm writing through experience,
that crushed heart will never be fully healed,
but it's healing...
it takes time,it might takes forever...
it's a journey i'm willing to take,
it helps me grow...

i hope u read this..
my heart n soul lives n dies for you...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sweeping away the spider webs & dust

youhoooooo,i'm back!!!
i'm greeting the wall =="

clock ticks its tocks, its been ages since i last updated my bowl..
i'm much better now,
my brain spins at the rite pace, it's clock wise too..
i'm no more alien to the world..ya rite!!
well, not all the time anyway...which is better right??

i'm battling with all the assignments given..
i think they're trying to torture us..
& they're doing it real clean..
police will only get the evidence when our head turned bold..
bold?? yaa,the aftermath of doing too much works laa..
hahahaha..u'll have to pay for our wigs...
15 articles in ONE night??!! huh,digging my grave..

i'm dead yet breathing...