Wednesday, February 23, 2011


it's not even half of the semester (or it is?), yet i can make an overall conclusion for it already: EFFING SICK!

i've been sick almost all the time, emotionally and physically..
let us not talk that much about my emotion, wouldn't want you to know me inside out..
my health is deteriorating, it that's the right word to describe,
the sickness comes in one whole package:
yeaah,allergy..i don't even know what i'm allergic too,
and now it's attacking me like crazy, mad crazy!
my whole body is in itchy, red and swollen..
to make things worse, my face is not excluded!
so, i look like a WALKING GIANT LOBSTER!
just missing the KAPIT2~

2 injections (back in december + last night) + packets of allergy medicines laying on my "coffee table-desk"..does that makes me feel better?
a little..i'm still "reddish" now...

my "condition" now makes me realize something though..
all this while, i thought that i'm ready to go (die if you like)...
yeaah, i thought i'll die from whatever i'm having right now,who knows..
but i dont think i'm quite ready yet,
i haven't say thanks to my mum..
i haven't say i love you to my mum and sister..
i haven't apologize to my grand mom..
tons of unfinished business..
yesterday i cried,i dont want to leave just yet..

whatever it is,i really wish that i'll get better...
will ask my mom to take me for a blood test,must find out what's the cause for all these..
i'm getting tired of pills and cream..

wish it has nothing to do with any witchcraft,
i wouldn't know how to get rid of that..
aaah,i just hope i get better soon!


  1. buhh..teda ba org mo kasi witchcraft kau tu...
    u'll get better soon..mandi bunga 300 jenis kali.
    or maybe your blood is just 'kotor'?...

  2. 300 jenis??hahaha,mo mlawat muzium bunga la klu bgtu tuu..ka mo p cri tu om2 yg keja d tnm2 bnga tuu?hahaha..
    sama ada darah kotor or my hormone btukar kali..hmm,jgn tukar jd jantan sdh la,hahaha

  3. stop crapping...there are people out there worse,,,,as long your time dezen kam,,u wont die..
    stop deciding for yourself,,put efforts on that and keep provides you with different alternative....


  4. ish2..bknnya ak ckp mo bunuh dr n mati pn..mknanya klu ajal ak smpai pn mcm ak ready da ba,redha da.. tp sbnrnya ak nda sgp lg mo mati,ish2...slh fhm btl..