Monday, March 14, 2011

-is this the end-

am not good at facts,but i think the whole world knows about the earthquake and tsunami happening in japan..i should type it as plural though,it's not a one single incident,it happened quite a few times already..told you i'm not good at facts..
people in japan are in a really bad situation now,
with their home gone, they have to go for shelters in places provided..
food and drinks are hard to's a good thing that there are still good hearted people out there who are willing to give out free food and drinks for the victims..
to make things worse,the nuclear radiators/plant in one the states exploded,if i may say that and the people are now facing another threat, exposure of radiation.what could be worse.

yeah,we got numerous warnings on the possibility of getting a tsunami here in sabah.
have you ever thought of what to do & where to go if it really happen??
*touch wood* not that i'm asking it to happen,but with today's climate change and the poor condition of the mother earth, anything can happen!
this is what i've thought of anyway:
1. get yourself a bag with bottled waters in it.maybe one/two packets of biscuits too.a pair of clean clothes.ID.hand phone to contact anyone,family and help.

2. think of the closest high ground for you to stay safe before the help comes. since ums is near to the sea,it would be best for you to get to the top floor of the A preferably...1B?just hope that that building can withstand the strong current!

3.pray babe! that's the crucial part of all the above. ask for his fact,we should start praying now.i admit,i'm not a good follower .i suck big time! not having even the minimum knowledge about it,all i know is, it's about time we get back to Him and ask for His forgiveness.i'm not trying to portray hypocrite-ness here,i'm trying my best to change and learn. and maybe we all need to do that together.

dear God of mercy,
bless the souls who've joined you,
let them rest...
bless the people who've survived,
give them strength...
& let the rest of us learn from it.

you may find this post silly,it's okay.
maybe you just don't share the same fear i have now.
this is just a little sharing for everyone,that's why we have blogs,right.

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