Wednesday, September 7, 2011

-my comeback-

it's probably time for me to get back to the line and be visible again..
it's not that i have tons to share here anyway,but i ran out of place to write..well,actually i still have plenty of empty pages on my little private book,but my fingers feel like typing today :D

where have i been?
working part time,selling shoes,entertaining customers with my wide smile,
figuring what i should do with my life,planning where should/want to be in few years time..
then what did i get from all that?
back on the crossroads again..
decisions after decisions!
just when i thought life is going to be nice and easy for me,
it gave me another great obstacle to get through,great!

be optimistic you said? yeaah,i should probably be that and stop thinking..
but then i thought we live in the present for the future..then shouldn't we be thinking about the future at the same time?

what a comeback huh? lol
that's all for now i guess,too much will be hard to digest..

famous last words:: live ur present,come what may & just roll with it! (i dont know how did i come up with that~ )

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