Sunday, October 25, 2009

why is it like dis...??

why is it so hard to deal with life..
why cant we manage it just like how we customize our blog or anything equivalent..

talked to my long lost cousin just now,
it was nice..miss the old times..
but things are not the same anymore..
i want to see my granma so badly..
huhuu,miss her...

why did i catch all these sickness before the final exam...
how am i supposed to concentrate with the flu keep flowing out of my nose and throat aching like a troop of ants are biting it..
maybe i'm exaggerating it a bit,hahahaha...

i'll hv to start from the bits of everything..
hopefully the result wont be as bad as last sem's..
cilakak pny result..pdhal dr dr sndiri..takkan sy yg cilakak...
musykil...ngek ngek ngek...

mau p hfl japanese script la lu ni..
tlampau addicted ngan FB pny psl la ni..
cicak btl...

nite2 bloggy..
database: sleep mode.


  1. AT last i managed to spare my time to read your blog, Even i am a busy woman with FB & the Games..:P
    u r tua bangka girl liao,
    but still dont know how to take care of yr self...
    If yr result not good, i will confiscate the benda yg made u addicted ngan FB.

    dont forget eat u candy from DOCTOR

  2. hehehe,at last u read my blog..
    i hv 3 bottles of air badak here,heehe,don worry..the flu medicine teda kesan ooh,hmm..
    jarang da ba sy on9 now,keke...