Thursday, October 29, 2009

world history...

yesterday was,fun,fun!!!
we went all out bowling-ing and k-boxing at 1b...
i lost my voice fr 1 hour,caused by too much screaming and laughing!!
thanx to my sifu-Bell,i managed to escape the "longkang" at the end of the game...
hehehe..kelle got her own style of throwing the ball..
tym k-boxing,mmg kami yg menang la..haha
roomate grace pn all out ni..
sepa pdli merdu ka brng mcm AF,kekeke...

here comes the major news: kak una (bkn nama sbnr), slipped at surau's stairs..
wekekeke,mcm skateboarding ni dia m'gelongsor..lawa pose dia,hahaha!!!
if only i could sketch it out here for u to see how she fell..keekeke...
da la dia jatuh bgtu,dia plak yg brabis ktawa..
bingung sy mau support dia ktawa ka tlng dia bdiri..hmmm...

i bought d gift..hmmm
atas dasar teman??? hahaha..

hmmm,after all that fun,need to get back to my study mode laa..
cant be too happy...


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  1. hehe..:-) i mmg ader style umban bola...(trep semenanjung..tiba2 ada UMBAN d ujung2..rusak2!!) hahaha

    nex time kita pg lagi..heee..:-) welcome to blog world!! hehe