Friday, November 27, 2009

ooppss,i did it again??

what did i do? i didn't ask for all these to happen..hurmm,it just popped out like pimples coming out at times u don't need them (since when do we need pimples anyway, LOL)..
i'm just trying to be friends, not more than that..i care about people...(sounds mcm sy prasan kan, may be..hmm,i thought about that too,but....)
besides, I'll never be good enough...not anymore...

-let's get going, this will be one sad post-

i'm trying to make a decision, but thinking makes me crazy..
one of the "commenter" did tell me not to think,hahaha..
i'll only stop thinking if my heart stop beating...
what should i do..
let's do this in a poem...

took the path of no return,
mistakes made & tears are shed..
now the continents spread apart,
leaving me to drown gasping for air..

i need a way out,
out from these fussiness..
tired of keeping all these to myself..
my tears,they long to flow..
but i said no,dont cry..
it'll still be here...

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