Thursday, December 10, 2009

back tracking...

where do i start...??
okay,here goes....
last Monday,went out with JAYN,KAY & JAY...
it's not as scary as i expected,lol...i thought i'll have a hard time fitting in,but it turns out okay & i kinda had fun with them...
the most important part is: I FINALLY have someone to talk to, i mean i'm able to pour everything out..NO FILTER NEEDED!!
my shoulders feel lighter now..the weight is still there,but at least i don't have to carry it all now..

my other friends, it's not that i don't want to share with u all, but there are things that i'm scared you won't understand & accept...
what are one of the symptoms of depression???
A person may report feeling "sad" or "empty" or may cry frequently.
that sounds familiar...XD

I sleep in tears,
I laugh in agony..
I love you painfully..
Do you still call that love??

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