Wednesday, August 11, 2010

she'll be fine,she's strong inside...
don't have to worry bout her...
she's old and wise enough to take care of everything...
she laughs all the time,
she's hyper about this life...

there's tissues everywhere,
tears stains on the pillow..
weeps during the night...
diary who listens to all,
lines of scribbled feeling..

d great act of all time,
d perfect mask worn..
strong on d outside,
dead spirit lives...

she'll be fine,
she's a fighter...
for how long?


  1. is this a song lyrics alleychea?or is it about you?

  2. erm,its not a song lyrics...
    & i'm not answering the 2nd part..

  3. sbr ya, ali..
    sy phm pa ko rasa..
    sbb sy pun rasa jg prsn 2 skrg..
    org tgk kita hepi..
    tp dlm hati..
    kita & Tuhan saja yg taw..