Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sweeping away the spider webs & dust

youhoooooo,i'm back!!!
i'm greeting the wall =="

clock ticks its tocks, its been ages since i last updated my bowl..
i'm much better now,
my brain spins at the rite pace, it's clock wise too..
i'm no more alien to the world..ya rite!!
well, not all the time anyway...which is better right??

i'm battling with all the assignments given..
i think they're trying to torture us..
& they're doing it real clean..
police will only get the evidence when our head turned bold..
bold?? yaa,the aftermath of doing too much works laa..
hahahaha..u'll have to pay for our wigs...
15 articles in ONE night??!! huh,digging my grave..

i'm dead yet breathing...

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