Friday, April 15, 2011

-i pissed people off-

tried as hard as i can,
but still i pissed people off.
yeah,feel like one of the "fuck face" out there now.
its easier said than done.
saying "told you so" to myself now.
not sure whether this feeling has to do with the time of the month or its a music i have to face for what i've done.
what i've done u ask? good question!
i dont know.seriously!
well, it depends on what it's my mind now though.

oh well.
all these typing wouldnt help.
i'll just shut my mouth,thickened my skin n smile.
i'm great at putting up my mask.
i can be oliver sykes.lady gaga.obama.
oh,n the fuck face mask i'm using now.


  1. seyesly,ai dun andersten,,yo language is too komplekz

  2. hahaha..tyra...ko kena guna tenaga kuda baca ni baru paham....high standard tol bhasa dia..ehehe..nway, cheer up gal! Don't think too much...maybe it's just you..:)