Thursday, April 7, 2011

-lover Vs friend-

greetings earth people! yeah,i'm form mars!
hahaha,my head is in outer space baby..
it's been a while since i last posted,it's not that nothing interesting happened,but my fingers refused to click on this webpage and type away whatever was there.besides, it's not that important anyway.speaking like a reporter! ya rite!

who will be on the top of your list? ur friend or ur gf/bf??
dont worry,making ur choice now wouldnt require u to sacrifice any of them.
there are currently debates in my head actually,i always have that when i'm alone,trying to logically explains life,not exactly logically explain..that is so not the term! what i really do is reflects on what what the others and i do, and which fence am i leaning on,d better one or the bad's..

see, seldom we see friends are left out when one of them is in a relationship.
i seriously hope i did/will not make any of you feel like that,slap me if i do! i'm effing serious,let me know! i dont mind holding his hand on the right and my friend's on the left.well,it is a little awkward,but i think that's cute! hahahaha..

i'm not trying to judge anyone here,
this is just what i've been through.and maybe i'm merely jumping into a very stupid assumption.oh well,just sharing,continue reading if u like..
i'm not getting to any point here,am i?i'm quite lost in my own words,how stupid is that.

okay,let's put it this way..
how sure are you that the bf/gf u have now is for forever?i'm not saying/sumpah-ing that the relationship wont work,but have u had the guarantee for it?
now,the friends u've had for who knows how long,they were there and still are..where do they stand?
cant it be balanced between lover and friends?
this is not science and rocket equations, you figure the rest..

i'm not perfect either,i may be one of the people described above,
oh please let me know if i am,i dont want to hurt any of you.
not even the slightest cut would i want to be on you!
sorry if i cut any of you already :(

this post has been filtered to suit the readers out there,hahaha,mmg tiada kaitan la!
so long earth people!


  1. its up to u to think...for me friends are everlast but gf/bf...hmm...BERSATU KITA TEGUH (KAWAN), BERCERAI KAHWIN LAGI...yeehaaa...i likeee...

  2. hahahaha,i like that too!! paling menang oooh tu statement! ni blh bikin sy cium ko sis,hahahaha

  3. nice post ally...:) hehe..lama tida jenguk2 blog org ni...busy baa...nway, soalan ko tu, tepuk dada tanya selera ja la kan bg org2 yg baca..hehehe..:)