Saturday, May 28, 2011

-me in a hole-

this will be one depressed post i'll have to warn you.
these few days (from the day i last see you) have been my doom days.
doesn't quite know why, but i feel useless and depressed the whole time.
everyone seem to have things to do, and i'm stuck at home.
yeaah,get a job you said..i was planning to get one after the Kaamatan celebration at Grace's house..kinda asked help from a friend,and he managed to get me to an interview on the 1st, the celebration will be on the 4th.i might not have the chance to go and have the fun which i've craved for a long time! trust me,staying home even with internet and Tv is not fun at all!

to make things worse,he's busy helping his family.
not blaming him,what he's doing is good.i'm glad he's not spoiled.
maybe i've got used to get his attention all the time before this and feel kinda lonely now.
i sound so lame and SPOILED.i suck big time.
gong to work after this will make things more difficult.
the distance..OH,COME ON,BOTH OF YOU ARE STILL IN THE SAME CITY FOR HEAVEN SAKE! i knooow right.huh! oh well,the bricks are still on my chest.

my tooth big time!
it's the one at the back,i'm not sure what do you call that,but it hurts!
i have to pull it out before i start working (if i get the job,fingers crossed *half hoping i wont get it**who knows for what reason*) i dont want to work in pain.
oh,this pushes me deeper into the hole i'm in right now.
thanks paracetamol even though u dont work that well.

i dont know who to talk to.
i dont even know what to talk about.
i'll be fine,i'm sure.

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  1. naa..lek bah kau..kenapa kau yg stress jan ba merajuk2 sm si 'Bionic man..dpt ka kamu p ruma ni??..mcm si bell balik kg tu..(lepas stalking wall)..