Friday, May 6, 2011

-queen of my heart-

it's almost here,d day when every queen should feel extra special.
we have different ways to show them our love.
it doesn't matter what u're buying or what you planned to do.
as long as you're sincere and there with her,i'm sure she'll have that big smile across her face all day long.if it isn't there,i'm sure it's in her heart.

she's the super mom!
her super power:: deal with us 2 girls and run the family!
she's the father when we need to get disciplined.
she's the mother when we need shoulders to cry on.
she's there to get us back in line.
she's there to tell us "you are fine".

i'm sorry
i couldn't be your angel,i'm far from light.
i make you worry when i'm far from home.
i made you cry with what i did.

all d golds n diamonds will not be enough to thank you.
my endless prayer accompany you.
try as i might to take you out of the blue,
i love you very much,i swear that's true.

happy mother's day mummy. we love you :')

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