Thursday, May 5, 2011

-random facts (not scientifically proven)-'s been a while since i last posted.and yes,i do realize i've used the same intro a few times now.oh well,it's appropriate,so deal with it.actually i just went and got my broadband fixed,lets not talk bout that,not interesting at here goes MY facts:

1) UMS' HEP is a little slow.a little?i'm being kind.what's d point of having a so called "one stop center" if it doesn't function as's there to lessen students' burden to go all the way up to the other building to deal with small matters.might as well close up the center and get rid of all the furniture in a yard sale.hahaha

2) i'm a little deaf.not quite sure which ear.but one of it.or maybe both.shit.yeah,i have trouble hearing what people are saying to me.i can hear you speaking but i may perceived it as something else. "mo bikin beli bola" "aaah,bikin beli cola la pula" "bola la kak,bkn cola" =="

3) MEMPHIS MAY FIRE.listen to their latest album-The Hollow.the songs are nice.they sings for every character we have in this world.the unfaithful.the sinner.and so on.well,listen to it if only u like loud songs. (i think the loud songs has "contributed" in my deafness XD )

4) i find joy in teasing people.hahahahaha.but it's a mutual know,i laugh at you and you'll laugh at me back thingy.then at the end you'll end up laughing your butt you really laugh your butt off??or did i just make that'll know who's your friend when you can laugh and make stupid jokes with them and they'll laugh with you.

5) i like laughing! so much that i think i sometimes forgot to control myself and end up laughing like a hyena (a wild animal from Africa and Asia that looks like a dog, hunts in groups and makes a sound similar to an unpleasant human laugh <---that's the definition i copied from Cambridge advanced learners' dictionary.avoiding myself form plagiarism) in public places.

6) i have a boyfriend!hahaha.that is so lame.i'm not sure where we're heading.but i 'm not thinking much bout it 'cause i'm living for the moment baby!come what steel heart can take it.thanks to my colorful past.hahaha.

7) i need money.desperately.for what you ask?for everything i must say.well,not THAT desperate.but i'll be happier if i have extras with me now. (if only the university's management is not that BS,i may have some now)

8) hate it when good food (when i say good food,it doesn't mean it's healthy,it's the taste i'm talking about) makes you gain weight real fast!okay,my definition of good food are McD,cakes,chickens,hot rice with soy sauce <--you should try this,it's a 3 seconds food :). i will not list it all,it's making me hungry :/

hmm.that's about it.8 is means richness in Chinese :D
i will get rich soon! hahahaha.still,fingers crossed!
so long!

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  1. funny post...but i like no.1...bagus kasi tutup ja kan...teda guna juga kalo disuruh pegi atas mo urus benda kecik...ishhh...gua sangat memahami mu ally...bukan gua saja...every students in uMs kot???