Saturday, January 1, 2011

-yipeeee,it's 2011!!-

hellooooo new year!
goodbye 2010? i dont think so. i dont think u can just leave the past just like that, its obviously not that easy. i can bet on my life, wait, my laptop...ermm,i changed my mind,not betting on anything,lol...

every piece of the past will stick on ur future no matter how hard u've tried to shake it off or shoulders. it's not that bad of things,u see..take it positively,like what i did,most of the time..

1998 was there to remind u how sincere ur laughs used to be,
2006 ring the bells of how u find the friendship u can count on,
2010 may proved to you that what u've believe in all these while, the friendship & d shoulders u've been leaning on...may not be that strong after all...
my suggestion,learn from it...

yeah,some of it may feel like the end of the world..
most of the time u'll feel like u just cant take it anymore & wish God will be nice to u n take ur life away while u're asleep...
faking smiles for d world too see & in the night, u sleep with d sound of tears as ur lullaby..
sound familiar huh?

all u have to do is have the will to get back up..
the strength to tell d world, "i'll be fine,just give me enough time"..
well,u wouldnt want to take too long though,people will get tired of waiting..
go to hell with the people who gave up or thinking of giving up on listening and helping us,us..been there done that..
trust me,it's hard..but i dont want to get stuck there forever..

everything still haunt me,
even to the very moment i'm typing this very word...

welcome 2011
welcome new experiences..
heaven or hell,
i'm yours...

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