Friday, January 28, 2011

-another stumbler??-

good morning america! hahaha
i kinda supposed to blog this last night, but i was too busy completing my assignment which due today & i have this coma-dizziness-sleepy feeling..
yeaah,so here goes...

isabella,better known as Bell..
created history by sliding down a small little steep landing in front of the school cafe..
& she was wearing a short skirt!
well,not that short la,but if u t'kangkang can see jg,ehehe..
but luck is on her side, her hero was there,right beside her to pull her up the instant she fell..
i mean it,the very moment her cute bum landed on the floor,
a pair of heroic hands were there to pull her up to safety!
thanks to abg Iddruz! yiiihaaaa!

she's not the other stumler after all,
she's just a slider!
yeeahh,that's your new name darl!
"The Slider"

have a nice day people,remember:
what goes around comes around.
-dont hurt others if u dont want to be hurt-
-dont juggle with hearts,they're not toys for you to play around with-


  1. she cant beat me somewhat..
    m still the best

  2. huh,this is not a competition =="
    adakah jatuh itu satu yg baik...