Tuesday, January 25, 2011

-when d money comes rolling in-

....we had our girls day out this morning,
grabbed the chance to get myself outfits for this coming CNY,again..
outfits that i'm happy with...
tried on a pants with the right colour & brand,
but the pants got stuck right below my hips =="
wth...bought another pants with another colour & brand..

(adoooi,edited the pics few times ody,still small)

me,bell,tirah & grace had a great time!well,me & bell to be exact (laughing)..
tirah & grace kinda created history just now..

well,they certainly got themselves a new name!
Tirah is now known as the innocent looking molester!
she kinda unconsciously swiped her hand over a woman's upper back,
we would like to think positive and assume that she had mistaken the woman with grace..
its a good thing the woman didnt mengamuk jadi naga in the kedai,
she takut her feng shui lari ba tu,CNY is coming kan...
tirah apologize & we laughed all the way till,see below::

here comes the next history maker,grace!!
okay,i dont know wat exactly happened just now,
everything happened so fast, in a speed of light,
& her foot is on the so called shoe rack!
they rearrange the kids' shoes (also in a speed of light)..
we laugh again..
i think i lost a few centimeter of fats after laughing,
that is possible right,lol...
ooh,yeaah..grace's new nick name is The Stumbler!
& The missing Person..she kinda got missing just now,for a few minutes only though..
we were thinking of going to the information counter to report on her,but she popped out right before we get the chance to go and find the counter...

spent quite a lot today,
but its okay, i need those stuff (do you?huhu)
sore throat,fever's coming in..laughed too much eeh..


  1. a great compliment fr being the great-great innocent molester!

  2. waakakkakaaka..

    it was so fast & blurry to me~
    shud hv bought numbur date kemarin..manatau first prize...