Wednesday, January 12, 2011

-your so called ISO qualification-

ums seriously need to make a lot of changes,like hell serious!
everything is out of order and control..budu~
the quality is not even up to the standard of the ISO thingy..
ums' admins,go and check ur students' FB,
you are so popular right now,everyone is talking about you..
complaining to be exact!

we paid so much yet we get rubbish services from the staff..
you keep changing the registration system every semester,and it got even worse!
you take so long to bank in students' scholarship money which students from other uni. received before the new semester starts..this happen EVERY SEM.!! WHAT ARE THE STAFF DOING IN THE OFFICE?? gossiping??bury your head in a cosway/avon catalog??
are u trying to starve us?!
we are not all rich, for your information!

i got tired of complaining about the same issue every semester..
arent u tired of receiving the same BS too? change lah,aiyo!
are u waiting for a newspaper report about your so called ISO quality??
wooahoo,you might see that if things are not shifting to be better!


  1. Mari kita p tulis article kc msuk Sabah Times psl kelambatan UMS yg sangat keterlaluan..huhu

  2. huhu,iya..amcm tu?tulis & hntr jak ka?

  3. tulis ja pegi Sabah Times. Sandi bah gitu..

  4. huhu,t la ak karang2 lu ah.huhu